Fume Extraction

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When soldering, it's essential the fumes generated are collected and extracted to reduce the risks of nasal irritation and occupational asthma. Two different forms of fume extraction methods are used. The first is to use a solder tip extractor attached to the tip of a soldering iron that draws fumes through a filter system. This is known as solder tip extraction. The filter systems are fitted with special fume filter cartridges that remove toxins in the smoke and return the purified air to the workplace. While this method is suitable for one or two workstations performing soldering only, it is not effective for larger applications, especially where other fume-generating activities take place, including gluing and the use of solvent-based chemicals. This is where volume extraction systems are more effective. They are fitted with larger hoods that are capable of extracting greater volumes of air and fumes. A range of fume extraction accessories is available, designed to increase the efficacy of volume extraction systems. These include extraction nozzles, extraction kits, extension hoses and brackets. A complete selection of filter cartridges is stocked to maintain extraction systems in good order. Suppliers of this equipment include Weller FT, Metcal, Elmi and Xytronic.