From industrial and manufacturing R&D to leading-edge scientific experiments or electrical engineering course practical sessions, almost every electronics laboratory requires test probes and leads. Test lab managers and purchasers will find an extensive choice of commonly used and specialist leads and probes here, suitable for measuring and testing. Select from top-quality laboratory cables, including BNC connectors and HF (high frequency) test leads from well-known manufacturers. Colour coding is easily possible, well beyond the conventional red and black for positive and negative polarity. A wide variety of cable lengths caters for benchtop installations requiring only short leads, to larger applications with leads that are two metres long. Differing diameters of test leads and cables are designed for maximum current capacities required; please check individual cable specifications for voltage limits and impedance. Test probes with pins, hooks and clips can be attached to multimeter probe connections or circuit posts to enable hands-free work, with continuous measurement and monitoring of input and output voltages or signals. Notably, crocodile clips or clamps are sometimes also referred to as alligator clips. Finally, a selection of different designs of convenient test lead holders and cable organisers helps to ensure that cables are stowed neatly and remain well organised and ready for use when needed.