Building automation systems comprise of a range of sensors and controllers designed to monitor and control equipment and the environment within buildings or their parts. In industrial environments, occupant safety in a structure often depends on the reliability of these sensors, specifically those that detect and alert the presence of potentially hazardous products such as CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOC) that may indicate a flaw with the structure's heating and ventilation systems. Distrelec's collection of building automation products includes a comprehensive range of products from S+S Regeltechnik, a specialist for building control and automation. Apart from ensuring personnel safety, automation products can be used to monitor the temperature and humidity throughout industrial, commercial and domestic sites to ensure comfort and protect sensitive equipment such as computer room servers. Additionally, depending on individual suitability, these sensors can monitor industrial processes, using a range of accessories designed to fit sensors to process tanks and equipment. Another common building management requirement is occupancy sensing, using indoor and outdoor sensors that detect motion and automatically activate lights in passages, corridors and rooms. Alternatively, built-in light sensors can be used to automatically extinguish lights at dusk and close privacy blinds.