Renewable energy technology is no longer confined to huge schemes operated by giant multinational conglomerates, but now features in homes and businesses everywhere. Distrelec can supply complete portable solar power systems to provide power on the go, or component parts needed to build or maintain a custom-built system. Various types of solar power systems are catered for, with some being suitable for providing permanent power in off-grid locations and others being truly portable and offering reliable power for operating and charging USB devices. Some can even be folded up for easy transportation. A wide range of DC/AC inverters is available, with the AC output usually being of the modified sinusoidal type of various power ratings, and the rechargeable batteries come in various different types and sizes. Low-energy lighting is usually employed as part of a solar power system and LED lamps are the type most frequently specified. At the heart of any solar power system is the charge controller. Many advanced models are available, usually providing a 12V or 24V charge, often with automatic compensation being applied to the charging rate for factors such as temperature. Such charge controllers prevent any dangers from overcharging or reverse current flow.