Post and Packaging Costs

Shipping and Handling Costs

International deliveries

Orders are normally dispatched from stock the same day the order is placed, either by post or courier, depending on the destination.

We ship items all over the world.


Carrier Value Freight cost/parcel Delivery time
Normal door to door within EU* Less than 25 EUR
25-100 EUR
Over 100 EUR
15 EUR
10 EUR
Free delivery
1-2 days
Economy to door within EU* Less than 25 EUR
25-100 EUR
Over 100 EUR
12 EUR
Free delivery
3-4 days
Normal to door outside EU* From 25 EUR 37 EUR 3-8 days, depending on destination


Carrier Value Freight cost/parcel Delivery time
Normal door to door within EU* any value 37 EUR 1-2 days
Normal door to door outside EU* any value 37 EUR 3-8 days, depending on destination


Certain products cannot be re-exported or re-despatched due to re-export regulations for so-called hazardous products. This includes pressurised containers and inflammable products. In the cases where few articles in the catalogue are too bulky or heavy to be sent in the standard manner, applicable delivery terms and distribution fares will be used. For more detailed information please contact our Export department or our authorised Resellers.

Delivery terms

A delivery note and a commercial invoice are enclosed with all despatches outside the European Union. In addition to information about buyer and seller, it also contains information on the product's country of origin and the customs commodity/tariff code.

The commercial invoice is also provided with an invoice declaration (original certificate). All this is done to simplify the buyer's payment of customs duty on the consignment.

Out of stock

If a product is temporarily out of stock it might be struck off the order, and this will be evident from the confirmation of order.

Contact our Export dept. for any further information.

Service and repair orders

If service or repair of products purchased from Distrelec should be necessary, you must always contact our Export department before returning the product.


Returns and cancellations can be permitted in special instances subject to written agreement with Distrelec.
Distrelec retains the right but not the obligation to debit any additional costs or non-attained trading profit.
Once purchased the product, customer has to perform product inspection upon receiving the goods.

Distrelec does not accept complains about wrong product, wrong quantity or wrong assembly complains later than 10 w.d. after goods received by the customer.


All catalogue prices are given in EUR excl. VAT and customs duty. The above terms may be altered without prior announcement.
For EU countries to avoid Dutch VAT of 21 % you must have a customer number and a valid VAT number.

No VAT is applied for export outside of EU.