Telescopic & Linear Motion Slides

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Telescopic and linear motion slides are used in the installation of drawers and cabinets. Telescopic slides are made in different types, lengths, slide thicknesses and strengths, to suit different drawers. The slides may also have 100 percent or 75 percent extension, with locks in the extended portion for safety. Telescopic slides may be of aluminium or steel and are often galvanised or chrome-plated for appearance and resistance to corrosion. The best models leverage all the fastening positions to realise the maximum load value. Linear motion rails are tracks made of aluminium or some other material. The best models are corrosion and dirt-free, and have end-stops. The strength of the rails is determined by their load rating, which may range anywhere from 16kg to 227kg. Effective installation of telescopic slides and linear motion slides requires accessories, such as bracket accessories, mounting kits, cable brackets, linear motion track carriages, soft close mechanisms and more. Mounting kits include rails, nuts, bolts and everything else to complete an effective installation of the telescopic slide. A linear motion track carriage with polymer balls facilitates quiet and smooth movement, and maintenance-free operations. A soft close mechanism slows down the opening and closing of the moving elements of the telescopic slides, further improving safety.