Ultrasonic cleaners are an effective way of cleaning electrical components and are commonly used to remove traces of flux from circuit boards, although they can be used to clean many different objects. Ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasound - normally from 20-400kHz - combined with an appropriate solvent or sometimes just ordinary tap water. Using a solvent is the most efficient and effective method, however, as the solvent enhances the effect of the ultrasound. Ultrasonic cleaners have been in operation since 1950. The high-intensity vibrations experienced by the object in the ultrasonic cleaner are enough to loosen particles of dirt and grime, often without the article needing to be dismantled. The higher the frequency, the greater the density of the cavitation bubbles, which enables more detailed cleaning. Distrelec supplies ultrasonic cleaners and solvents by Elma Ultrasonic Technology, a leading manufacturer. Distrelec also stocks a range of thread lockers and thread seals with lubricator from Loctite, to prevent rust and corrosion and to completely seal microscopic gaps between joints. Working with electrical components, soldering and desoldering can be tough on hands. This is why Distrelec also supplies the best quality handcare products, suitable for a clean room or laboratory, from manufacturers such as Stockhausen, Loctite and R & R Lotion Inc.