Torches are available in various sizes and types, to suit different applications. Key fob torches are small LED torches on keychains or keys. Pen torches resemble a pen, easily fitting a pocket, aimed primarily at convenience. Hobby torches, such as LED candles, primarily serve decorative purposes. Head torches generally deliver a focused beam. These torches are provided with a band to affix on the head, allowing hands-free operation. Battery powered torches and rechargeable torches have various luminous flux and illumination ranges. Rechargeable torches such as LED lanterns serve as emergency lamps, and in places where direct electricity supply is not available or not feasible. Rechargeable workplace torches feature powerful LEDs that illuminate the work area with a bright and homogeneous light. Searchlights are extremely bright and powerful torches, offering continuous focus or floodlight. Camping lamps, in contrast, are meant to be placed on a table or suspended, and illuminate an open area. The power of torches primarily depends on the capacity of the battery and the brightness of the light. Also consider the IP protection rating of the torch as an indicator of the extent to which it is protected from water and dust. The common accessories for torches are chargers, power adapters, bulbs, torch holsters and mounting brackets.