Modern LED-based wall and ceiling fixtures are technology-laden devices incorporating a host of features, such as HF technology sensors, chip controlled electronic ballasts that facilitate instant start up, ability to shift to various modes, ability to control the lumen output, wireless communication systems for operation with remotes, and more. The complex features may add to the cost but offer energy-efficiency and more value for money. Apart from the features, consider the usage factor, such as the strength and colour of the light, the intensity of the focus, and the voltage and power consumption. Opt for ceiling mounts for uniform lighting across the room and for models that allow swivelling the bulb at angles to focus the light on a particular area. The durability of the lamps is also a key consideration. Choose fixtures made of robust materials, such as high-grade aluminium or impact resistant plastic, for both longevity and enhanced protection. Wall and ceiling lamp fixtures are for everyday use, and as such, the safety of such fixtures should never be disregarded. Always purchase light fixtures from top manufacturers who have well-established quality and safety checks in place. Look for products that have Class II protection, which indicates dual insulation.