Vacuum Products


Vacuum technology includes vacuum generation systems, characteristically used in automated production or manufacturing lines and where a vacuum suction pad is the contact point with workpieces. Vacuum generators are typically connected via flexible hoses to vacuum ejectors, which use the Venturi effect to generate partial vacuums. Electrically driven vacuum pumps are notably more efficient than compressed air vacuum generators and avoid energy wastage. High-efficiency vacuum generator installations also require vacuum sensor switches, suction filters and supply/release or vacuum check valves to maintain the vacuum. Our vacuum generator range includes models with maximum air intake capacity specifications from 10 to 100 litres per minute. Please refer to the individual product data for air consumption rates, in addition to suction filter and solenoid valve configurations. Some models of vacuum generator (or Venturi vacuum pump) have an energy saving function to cut the supply air supply when the required level of partial vacuum is reached. Accessories and service parts such as vacuum intake filters which remove contamination particles in the supply air cover additional needs; these are designed for easy replacement and without the need for specialist tools.