This comprehensive pneumatics engineering section includes power cylinders, control valves and actuators. Used extensively in mining, construction, mechanised manufacturing installations, transport and dentistry, pneumatic systems provide a safer, more cost-effective and flexible alternative to electrically powered actuators. A central compressor or vacuum pump powers the system, controlled by manual and automatic valves or strong metal solenoid assemblies. Industrial applications frequently employ rough vacuum technology with wide pump plunger mechanisms and a large surface area to power heavy machinery. In contrast, smaller pumps for precise tools run at faster speeds but are more prone to strain and wear. Pneumatic logic system (or air logic control) devices such as logic gates, relays, boosters and timers are occasionally seen in some older installations. This reliable option was preferred when safety factors or upgrade costs were prime considerations. More recently, however, electronic control systems have become more common due to their smaller size, superior precision and the enhanced functionality associated with digital controls. Pneumatic system accessories and common parts on offer here range from air treatment components, check valves and fittings to straight, angled and T-joint pneumatic connectors.