Industrial communication devices use a wide variety of methods to talk to one another in various settings, such as building automation and manufacturing process protocols. These methods can include fibre optic systems or more established networking protocols, like Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet wiring, and near-field wireless technologies such as Bluetooth are becoming more popular. In other situations, industrial and telemetry data is transmitted to a server by Wi-Fi communication protocols and can then be monitored from any location via a virtual private network over the Internet. Wired Ethernet-based products which are used for industrial communications include switches and patch bays, whereas when communications products are integrated into electrical installations, AS-Interface technology tends to be used. Bluetooth communication modules tend be manufactured as OEM products which can be fitted into industrial equipment either before it is installed or afterwards, as a modular retro-fit. These options offer industrial communication solutions to solve complex tasks, such as increasing efficiency of production lines, reaching economies of scale, and coordinating the flow of information in real time.