Control switches and signalling devices are available in various types, such as push-buttons, joysticks, two-button stations, rotary switches, rotary actuators with or without illumination, and more. Among the various switch types, push-button control switches offer a very high degree of protection, with the advantage of being easy to use and delivering rugged reliability at the same time. They also offer flexibility to allow installation in any position. A joystick may offer better control compared to a push-button, in some applications. Two-button stations have a separate button for different functions, useful for making distinct choices. Rotary switches operate by rotation, and are the best choice for more than two positions in a single switch. A rotary actuator produces a rotary motion or torque, on receiving a control signal and energy. Most actuators are powered by electricity, but actuators may also be operated by mechanical power, depending on the application. Opt for high-quality switches that use either high-grade plastic or genuine metal. Control switches may require operation in emergency conditions, and LED illumination provides much-needed visibility. Installation of control switches and signalling devices may require several accessories, such as LED modules and elements, switching contacts, contact elements, fastening adapters, or signage such as emergency stop signs, and sign holders.