Offering a complete range of automation products, almost every industry sector can rest assured their essential components can be found. Suppliers are available for a complete range of automation products, including virtually all the components and controllers needed to put together automation systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. These include simple standalone timers and temperature controllers through to sophisticated PLC controllers designed for industrial use. Manufacturers represented include Schneider Electric, Omron, Eaton, SMC, Phoenix Contact, Siemens, Finder and many others. Motion control can be accomplished by selecting one of the many geared DC motors available, offering a full choice of gear ratios, output speed, torque and operating voltage. Precise control can be achieved through the selection of the appropriate position sensor, or by means of a photoelectric cell or an encoder. The control of AC motors can be accomplished using one of the wide range of AC contactors and soft motor starters, which can be operated using HMI panels that interface with PLCs and output signals sent through interface relays, in turn reducing the load on PLC output circuits. The lines of automation products also include simple standalone controllers, such as timers, and temperature controllers that are ideal for basic applications and for controlling domestic and commercial systems such as water heaters. Other automation products stocked include pneumatic components, sensors, RFID readers, wireless controllers and GSM activators.