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MKR IoT Bundle

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Arduino MKR1000 Board with Header Soldered
Micro USB Cable
400-point Breadboard
70x Solid-core Jumper Wires
9V Battery Snap
2x Stranded Jumper Wire
6x Phototransistors
3x Potentiometers
10x Pushbuttons
Temperature Sensor
Tilt Sensor
Alphanumeric LCD
Bright White
34 LEDs
Small DC motor (6/9V)
Small Servo Motor
Piezo Capsule
H-bridge Motor Driver
2x MOSFET Transistors
5x Capacitors (100uF)
5x Diodes (1N4007)
3x Transparent Gels (R,G,B)
Male Pin Strip (40 x 1)
65 Resistors
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Product details

  • Article Information

    Article Description

    The MKR IoT Bundle walks you through the basics of using the Arduino MKR1000 for IoT applications. You will learn through building 5 creative experiments thanks to the step by step online tutorials available on the Arduino Project Hub platform.

    Each bundle includes:

    1 Arduino MKR1000 board, with header soldered.

    1 micro USB cable,

    1 400-point breadboard,

    70 solid-core jumper wires,

    1 9 V battery snap,

    1 stranded jumper wire

    1 stranded jumper wire,

    6 phototransistors,

    3 potentiometers (10 kilohm),

    10 pushbuttons,

    1 temperature sensor (TMP36),

    1 tilt sensor,

    1 alphanumeric LCD (16 x 2 characters),

    1 bright white,

    34 LEDs (1 bright white, 1 RGB, 8 red, 8 green, 8 yellow, 3 blue),

    1 small DC motor (6/9 V),

    1 small servo motor,

    1 piezo capsule (PKM17EPP-4001-B0),

    1 H-bridge motor driver (L293D),

    1 octocouplers (4NE5),

    2 MOSFET transistors (IRF520),

    5 capacitors (100 uF),

    5 diodes (1N4007),

    3 transparent gels (R,G,B)

    1 male pin strip (40 x 1),

    20 resistors (220 ohm),

    5 resistors (560 ohm),

    5 resistors (1 kilohm),

    5 resistors (4.7 kilohm),

    20 resistors (10 kilohm),

    5 resistors (1 megohm),

    5 resistors (10 megohm)

    • Environmental information

      RoHS Conform
    • Additional information

      Country of origin Italy (IT)
      Manufacturer Arduino
      Gross weight (incl. package) 430.0 Gram
      Dimensions (incl. package) 191 x 139 x 72 MM
      Customs number 8523520000
      UNSPSC (v5.03) 32101703
      EAN 813747020152
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